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    WHAT is process heating?  In simple terms it is the process of exposing a material (gas, oil, water, etc.) that is held in a container to temperatures exceeding the normal to achieve certain desired properties.  

    Process heating technology is an absolute requirement in most manufacturing operations world- wide.  It is crucial to choose the right process heating solution as it dictates the success and efficiency of your business operations.   We can help! At JP Automation, Inc., we specialize in electrical-based process heating systems, which is ironically the most common form of heat treatment used today. 

    Our partnership with over 25+ well-known brands that are high-quality and safety certified enable us to provide you with the most efficient process heating solutions that is current in the industry. To add ano

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    Last month we wrote about Sensopart’s FT series. Would you like to learn more about how the product works?

    Bill Preece, Founder and President of JP Automation, Inc demonstrates Sensopart's FT series which is a defuse reflective photoelectric sensor based on the blue LED light technology.

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  3. FT Series- A genuine single source solution

    Sensopart’s FT series is a defuse reflective photoelectric sensor based on the blue LED light technology. They are largely used in industrial manufacturing to detect dark or transparent objects and will do much more. It is listed as a proximity sensor and has built-in background suppression with an NPN or PNP syncing output option. The desired output must however be ordered. Another nice feature that the FT series comes with is a quick connect that is an 8-mm micro connector. You can attach multiple variations of cable with it (2mm,5mm,10mm).

    The F10 blue light is the first from the FT series to reach the market. Its small size makes it an ideal choice for tight spaces. The other counterparts associated with this series are the F25 and F55. The FT series uses a short-wave light which allows easy detection of a transparent object reliably in comparison with the conventional red-light proximity sensors.

    These new sensors with blue light technology enable optimum detect

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  4. Modern Day Issues Facing the Industrial Automation Sector

    As a newbie in the Industrial Automation & Controls Industry, I am still grappling at the nuances of this industry and while it will take me more than my engineering degree to completely understand this industry, I decided to learn using the only method conducive to a marketing person (i.e talking to the industry veterans). The area I was more interested in was the “issues facing the Industrial Automation Sector” because you see, understanding that holds the key to forming successful marketing strategies.

    So after a very long and definitely intriguing session, we arrive at the following issues, which we feel form the core of the issues:

    • Workforce: At a first glance, you might say that this issue has been grappling every industry. Well for Industrial Automation, this issue is the biggest one because this industry requires hands-on experienced engineers and integrators. The factors which make this issue even more formidable are the lack of intere
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  5. Factory automation and the reasons to choose it

    Charles Tashiro, Sales manager at JP Automation, Inc talks about automation and the top three reasons to choose factory automation for your production facility.

    • Repetitiveness

    • Production volume and life of the product

    • Quality

    Repetitiveness: If you have a production facility where people are manually assembling the same part over and over again, overtime they may develop trouble with repeated motion. Any repetitive task is a candidate for automation especially if it involves being exposed to fumes and assembly materials.

    Production volume and life of the product: Another major factor that will help you with your decision-making process is the production volume and the life of the product. Is your product expected to be made for many years with thousands of them being manufactured? If yes- then automation is the right choice for you.

    Quality: Lastly, the quality of the product will be consistent and greatly enhanced

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    What makes JP Automation, Inc. your one stop shop for factory automation solution? Here is what Chris Moorman, CEO, Rubicon Agriculture had to say about us. 

    Rubicon Agriculture is an Indiana based startup company that takes upcycled 40-foot shipping containers and transforms them into automated hydroponic growing facilities. These facilities enable farming enthusiasts to grow fresh organic produce all year long.  JP Automation and Rubicon’s engineering team tied up to find the best automation solution in the industry to accomplish their goals. Mr.Moorman says” JP Automation has been more than just a supplier to us they have been an absolute partner”.  

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