Factory automation and the reasons to choose it

Charles Tashiro, Sales manager at JP Automation, Inc talks about automation and the top three reasons to choose factory automation for your production facility.

• Repetitiveness

• Production volume and life of the product

• Quality

Repetitiveness: If you have a production facility where people are manually assembling the same part over and over again, overtime they may develop trouble with repeated motion. Any repetitive task is a candidate for automation especially if it involves being exposed to fumes and assembly materials.

Production volume and life of the product: Another major factor that will help you with your decision-making process is the production volume and the life of the product. Is your product expected to be made for many years with thousands of them being manufactured? If yes- then automation is the right choice for you.

Quality: Lastly, the quality of the product will be consistent and greatly enhanced once we take out the human factor. The errors that could happen due to repeated motion will be greatly reduced with the introduction of automation.

Every manufacturer can benefit from Automation. Let JP Automation do a return on investment or an ROI study for you so you can make an informed decision about your production facility.

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