Media and Marketing

What exactly does the Media & Marketing Division do?

We are a division of JP Automation, Inc. experienced in handling Marketing, Advertising, Website Design, Webstore Development, Logo Design & Data Entry projects for you.

  • We can set up and manage your Social Media Marketing and provide you with routine reports so that you can focus on more important things like running your business.
  • We can help you create, change and manage your brand, helping you define and improve the experience your customers have and convey your brand values in a unified way.

In this day and age of internet, we are only a click or a call away to make sure that we are always available to provide a good customer service.

Who We Are

About Us

We are the Media & Marketing division of JP Automation, Inc. who are USA based distributor of factory automation, process heat and controls equipment in Indiana.

Our creative ideas along with our professional marketing strategies will increase your revenue and help your company grow.

Mission Statement

It is our desire to provide the highest quality products and customer service available in the industry today. We understand how difficult it is to maintain successful business relationships between vendor and customer. That is why we take pride in achieving a mutual trust and loyalty with every company that partners with us. Success of those we work with ensures our success as well. This will be our strongest asset going forward in today's marketplace.

Online Marketing Services

We provide all kinds of online marketing services - Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, content writing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & many more. We understand your business & make a marketing plan to suits your needs and interests best.

We can produce marketing and promotional materials and conduct campaign management for all kinds of company marketing initiatives.

We also provide consultation services.

Logo Design Services

Are you starting a business and need a logo or is it time to give your branding a makeover? Either way, we can design your company logo which will speak volumes to your customer at the very first glance. First impressions always count.

Data Entry Services

Most businesses lose out by not having products on their website due to lack of time or resources. Give us your product list and we can do the data entry for your website. Speed, efficiency & accuracy is our guarantee. 

Webstore Design and Development

In today’s age everyone is on the internet. Our IT and design teams work together to design & build your webstore. Right from selecting the server, coding & maintaining, we make sure that your webstore is not only up and running in no time but also running glitch free.

To ensure your webstore is running smoothly over time, we can offer IT training to handle the day-to-day web activities like a pro.

We understand how overwhelming the process of handling a business can be specially the financial aspect. Our intension is to grow & gain experience before we decide to conquer the world and hence we assure you our prices will be the lowest in the market. You can check!

Customer testimonial:

 “JP Automation, Inc. has been more than a partner to us. They have been both a consultant as well getting our story to other people.” – Rubicon Agriculture, IN.